I have always struggled with my curly hair. I’ve used every tool, product, and relaxer to try to get my hair straight - at one point an iron and ironing board were my go-to’s before flat irons were a thing. Too many times over the years I’ve sprayed, pulled, cut, pinned, and cried over my hair. I’ve jumped from stylist to stylist trying to find someone that can cut and manage my thick and naturally curly hair. After years of frustration and loss of length due to heat and color damage I decided to try to embrace my curls, and that’s when I found   Richard - My hair life saver!

Richard is not just skillful and knowledgeable, he truly has a passion for helping his clients embrace their natural beauty. The first time I met him I trusted him with scissors! He spent time talking to me about my hair goals and expectations, and teaching me about my curl type, which products to use, and how to use them.

With Richards help you won’t just learn to live with your curls, you’ll love them!  

- K. Baker

I have always been afraid of getting my hair cut because it is such a specific texture and curl type. Throughout my whole life, salon appointments usually turned out to be a major disappointment. I finally mustered up the courage to go to Richard Kinzle, Curl Expert, to have my hair evaluated. He not only knew exactly how to cut my hair; he taught me how to maintain, style, and help my curls flourish. I’ve gone from hiding my frizz in a bun, to being stopped almost daily and asked about my hair routine. Since I started going to Richard, I have become more confident in myself and learned to absolutely LOVE my hair.  

 - S. Clark

I just wanted to tell you that every visit with you is a positive experience .

 - D. Rodrigues