"Curl Discovery"

Curl Discovery Consultation

Understanding and working with your hair texture can be challenging... but with the right coaching, techniques and product choices, we can all wear the crown of curls we were meant to have.  Unsure what type of curl you have?  Unsure if you even have curls?  Lets start out with a Curl Discovery Consultation

Re-Discover Your Natural Texture

With so many different textures of curly hair, ranging from kinks & coils to curls & waves; each different textures has very specific needs.

From curl patterns, hair types, hair texture, even transitioning and big chops… there’s a lot of information out there, which can make things a little confusing.

A Curl Discovery Consultation is the first step to empower your Natural Hair Care Journey & Styling Choices

Request a Curl Discovery Consultation

What's a Curl Discovery Experience?

New to being Natural??? Not sure WHAT to do with your hair or WHICH products are best for your hair type? This is the session for YOU!

During The Curl Discovery Experience, our team of curl specialist will style your hair into its natural texture; while making product suggestions.  In this one hour consultation, we will go over some of the basics of establishing a hair-care routines.

You will need to bring in all the products you are currently using and so that we can review them. Your hair will be assessed and you can ask questions & find answers to issues you may be experiencing.

This service is $50; and if you schedule the recommended follow up visit; we apply $20 of your consultation and apply it towards your next appointment.